Overview of Sonos Speakers

Sonos is an American brand founded in 2002 and is popularly known for its exclusive and awe-inspiring range of smart speakers. Over the course of last decade, Sonos has garnered thousands of loyal fans across the globe owing to the impeccable sound quality of the speakers.

As of 2018, Sonos offer seven products, comprising four smart speakers and three speakers meant for television. One of their most popular smart speakers is PLAY:1, followed by PLAY:3, PLAY:5 and the most advanced version of them all – ONE. As for the sound products for TV, there is PLAYBASE, PLAYBAR, and SUB.

All the speakers in the PLAY series come with similar features. These include the ability to control the speakers with a single mobile app, connecting the speakers to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet cable, and mounting them on a wall or a stand. Furthermore, these speakers are resistant to humidity which means that they can be used in a bathroom or for a party outdoors!

Another brilliant feature of the PLAY series speakers is that they hold the ability to play anything you desire. Be it your favourite audiobook, radio station or one of the premium streaming services you have availed – Spotify, Apple music, et cetera, these speakers will play anything you desire in seamless quality.

These speakers differ mainly in size and sound output. For instance, PLAY:1 speaker is fairly small and good enough to entertain any room and consists of three class-D digital amplifiers. PLAY:5 speaker, on the other hand, has six digital amplifiers of the same kind, and has three mid-woofers (in contrast to one as found in PLAY:1). Needless to mention, the size of the PLAY:5 speaker is bigger than its counterpart.

PLAY:3 speakers can be thought of as a compromise between the two – it has three digital amplifiers that give it just the right amount of versatility to adapt to a medium-sized room.

Sonos One speaker has all of the aforementioned features, in addition to the futuristic voice control and touch control. Yes, that’s right, you can now use your voice and the app to listen to anything you wish, all in one place. It has a sleek design and has similar specifications to that of the PLAY:1 speaker.

All of these speakers can be paired with another speaker from the same category to create a home stereo, with distinct left and right channels.

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