Famous Vloggers

A vlog is a short name for Video blog or Video log and is a form of a blog in which medium is Video. Vlog entries generally merge video link or embedded video along with connecting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one go or segregated into multipart sections. The vlog category is very famous on YouTube as well. Vlogs make use of web syndication to permit the distribution of video over the internet using various Syndication formats (popular being RSS and Atom) to ensure automatic aggregation and reception of the content on computers, laptops, and other handheld mobile devices. The first vlog dates back to January 2000, which was posted on the internet by Adam Kontras in the form of video and a blog and it became the most running vlog in the history.

The popularity of vlogging increased in 2005 with emerging of Yahoo Video blogging group. The most famous Video sharing site, YouTube was also founded in 2005 and it has reached an astronomical number of 100 Million Video Views per days combined with 65000 new Video uploads in a day. YouTube has created a platform for Video bloggers to present their personal videos. Out of the 100 most subscribed YouTube Channels, 17 provide vlogs as their primary style of footage. Many of these vloggers are part of YouTube Partner Program, which professionalizes the industry and allows for monetary gain.

Technological advancement in the field of an open source content management system has facilitated vloggers to host and manage their own video blogging sites. Further availability of higher-end mobile sets having the feature of High Definition Higher end cameras allows the video to be loaded with the same quality as it is recorded.

A vlog can be a Personal vlog or Live Broadcasting vlog.

Personal vlog is an online video which records an individual to deliver an information about the opinion, point of view or just recording their daily life.

Live Broadcasting vlog was announced on YouTube was known as “YouTube Live” and other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also developed this feature.

vlogging has sparked keen interest and has raised awareness about its impact on entrainment industry and on digital marketing.

One more form referred to as Lifecasting is a continual live stream of events in a person’s life through digital media.

A video podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which user can download or listen to. It is commonly available on paid subscription so that new episodes are automatically downloaded to the user’s computer, mobile device etc. for more information on Video Podcast

How to become a vlogger

  • ·Think of a topic to make a vlog about.
  • Get a YouTube account and give your channel and attractive name.
  • Make about ten or more really good videos.
  • Post one of those videos to a related well-known Video as a video response.
  • Keep being active and title your videos in CAPITALS to get people more interested.
  • Edit your Videos.
  • If you learn to edit you can also set your banner and Video Thumbnail.
  • Once you have a good reputation in YouTube community, try to become a YouTube Partner.
  • Communicate with your followers.


  • 63% people are more likely to buy a product if they have seen in a video
  • It sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Vlogging can be used as a Visual aid.
  • Since the time Google has bought YouTube Videos have been a key part of Search Engine


  • It can be time-consuming.
  • Vlogs don’t work on all subjects.
  • Getting the speech right (You need to understand how to make your voice, mannerism, and dialects understandable to an audience).
  • Short attention spans as compared to written blogs.
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